In a small cove off the Mississippi in Helena, Arkansas, Zoë Sundra played for us along with John Ruskey, both canoe guides on the river.
She sings with the grace of an old soul and fire of a young, bold heart. Sundra’s out of this world style, combined with her humble verses and impressive musical range, make for solidly great music that will give you hope and healing
— Found Magazine, October 2013
Whether performing as Zoë Sundra or Dames, she deploys her smoky voice to deliver wry, confident lyrics with a slight twang
— San Jose Metro

The Hunt reviewed in The Deli Magazine

In her quieter moments, like the forceful ballad ‘Born to Please’ and the genealogical reveal of ‘Force of Love,’ Zoe reveals a country tinge to her contralto that puts her enormous range on display. But she’s at her strongest in larger anthems like album opener ‘Scarlett,’ where Sundra pours her heart out on top of brassy fanfare and glissando winds unafraid to fly the piece up to the heavens
— Mike Levine, The Deli Magazine
Zoë Sundra, a former stylist, plays regular sets around town. You’ll find her at Arlene’s Grocery, Cakeshop and other downtown venues. You might also spot her marching in full regalia at the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island. She’s got a new album out called “The Hunt.”
— John Jannuzzi, Lucky Magazine/GQ
Zoë Sundra is a Brooklyn based singer/songwriter bringing the sequins back to folk music. With her brutally honest lyrics and acoustic sound, she matches her songs with a full band, including additional vocals and multiple saxophones. Zoë uses her influences of Patti Smith, Stevie Nicks and Neko Case to create a dynamic stage presence and experience for her audiences.
— Brian Riccardi, Turnstyle Music Group