West coast best coast/East coast winter can suck it

 I'm not one to throw shade at my roots, but I, like so many east coasters this year, am OVER it. Today it is a balmy 18 degrees fahrenheit (and sunny!) and I'm heading into my 5th day of isolation (I have at least made it outside to the gym everyday). I've been cooking and baking everything I can while watching Sonic Highways, and I even managed to write a song. I mean, at least I haven't been smoking or drinking copious amounts of wine. I'd say I'm an out right saint.  Needless to say my tour up the west coast couldn't have come at a better time, and I felt so lucky to be able to play my music and meet so many new friends along the way. 

Here's a few photos from my wonderfully successful west coast tour with Fera! 

I've got a few shows coming up with DAMES, plus a solo folk show, I hope y'all can come out and play!                                                

 Love, Zoë


DAMES play Mercury Lounge!
Sunday March 22nd
8pm, $10 with Crowd the Airwaves

Zoë Sundra solo set
Irish Haven, 8pm FREE!
Brooklyn, NY