Breathing under the weight

'How good it feels to breathe under his weight and to sleep on his chest offered. In darkness, in safety, big breath through morning light and summer air'  -zbs, may 2015

I flew back into New York City finding the weather changed, warm now and the chilly Spring nights almost gone. It's barely Memorial day and already we're at 80 degree days, humidity creeping into our greener streets. My time in Mississippi with Quapaw Canoe Company was incredible. Truly an experience I will forever remember, and will forever change me. A woman I met named Betsy said it simply, said it best. "The river changed my life". She said this as we paddled down the mighty Mississippi on a sunny Sunday afternoon in a giant canoe named Banana Boat. I had only been in Clarksdale a few days at that point, but I had a strong feeling the river would alter my life as well...I think it's impossible for anyone to leave the river unchanged.  Here are a few photos that show the beauty, wildness and incredible power I experienced both on and off the river:

I don't have any shows lined up for the future, I'll be leaving NYC for the summer to teach at an arts camp outside Boston and beyond that my NYC plans are on hold. It's so hard to maintain a life in this city year round, and coming back when Spring, now Summer is in full swing, you feel the throbbing pulse, and realize (all over again) how dead the city becomes in winter. But I don't think I will stay here much longer. My heart calls out for change, for a wilder existence and although New York holds a big part of my heart, she's also made me ignore and repress a bigger piece. So change is gonna come, most certainly, as it always does. 

Love, Zoë