Greetings from Clarksdale!

Friends, family and darling dears! 

It's been a few months since I've sent an update, and a few things have changed! I'm currently based in Clarksdale, MS working at Quapaw Canoe Company and riding my bike around the incredible Delta landscape. So far the change from NYC has been wonderful. 
I've also had a few happenings with music! 
I'm excited to have been included in The River Signal, a podcast created by three men making their way down the 2,000 some miles of the Mississippi River in a paddlewheel riverboat. 
I was lucky enough to meet these guys in Helena, AR and play a few songs on the deck of their lovely boat while we drank coffee and swam in the river. You can subscribe to the free podcast and listen to my episode here.

I was also a guest on Melody Wed's Songwriter Sessions, with Jessica Lindsay. We discussed the challenges and joys of songwriting, my music and writing process. Also the intimidating size of the bugs down here in the Delta. Watch the hour long interview here!